Media release on Why Saldanha Bay is a potential hydrogen fuel export hub.

Global demand for hydrogen fuel is growing and several reports identified Saldanha Bay as a potential hydrogen export hub.

Excerpt from the media release. **More than 75 people logged into the 2nd Energy Transition Webinar on 12 April hosted by the Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus (SB-IC) to hear a panel of experts talk about the future of hydrogen fuel. The keynote speaker was Thomas Roos from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), one of the authors of the report Powerfuels and Green Hydrogen, prepared under the auspices of the EU-South Africa (EU-SA) Partners for Growth programme. Roos said the Saldanha Bay region had excellent solar and wind resources that had the potential for large renewable energy electricity at competitive costs.

“Electricity is a contested space in South Africa,” said Roos. “This potential far exceeds local demand, and export potential is limited: neighbouring countries’ economies are small, and there is no high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) transmission lines to European markets. But if we could export renewable electricity as molecules rather than electrons, this would overcome that challenge [for the large European and other markets].

The SBIDZ complete Media Release can be read here.