Freeport Saldanha is dedicated to developing the innovative local and internal infrastructure needed to create an attractive, competitive, investment-ready zone of opportunity.

Access and Ease of Doing Business Complex

This state-of-the-art central services facility has been designed to enhance the business experience of all tenants and customers at Freeport Saldanha. We plan to include value-added services from both the public and private sectors.

The Access and Ease of Doing Business Complex will house relevant government departments, agencies and state-owned entities that deliver services within the upstream oil, gas and marine repair, fabrication, logistics and related services industries.

These services include the following:

  • Shipping agents and chandelling,
  • Leasing and contracting services,
  • Medical and HSE,
  • Security,
  • Legal services,
  • Transport concierge,
  • Ancillary service concierge,
  • Marine engineering and design services,
  • Inspection and certification,
  • Training and accreditation,
  • Incentives facilitation consultants,
  • Banking and financial services,
  • Immigration services,
  • In-transit transportation,
  • Human resource and crewing,
  • Meeting Rooms,
  • Conferencing facilities

Project Leasing Facilities

Short term leasing space for project-based investors and opportunities.

Able to accommodate multiple projects at a time, this space includes rental equipment and general lay-down facilities for short-term projects averaging 3 to 6 months.

Connect with us today to discover the rental packages we have available.

Innovation Campus

A world-class innovation hub and learning centre.

Once completed, the Innovation Campus delivers research, innovation, collaboration, learning opportunities and skills development that will serve both local and global industry needs.

The purpose of the Innovation Centre is to contribute to the creation of the sustainable and competitive environment we are creating within Freeport Saldanha. It will aim to achieve this through:

  • Facilitating and stimulating collaboration between industry, academia, government, and the local community. Incorporating a combination of specialised training from universities, private sector investment, public sector support, as well as both international and domestic industry expertise.
  • The centre will also provide support for entrepreneurs as they progress through incubation and acceleration programmes. Providing access to sources of capital funding for ongoing development and commercialisation.
  • The establishment of training and education programmes. Developing specialised and lacking industry skills.
  • Supporting the development of innovative technologies for application in the OG&M industry.

A feasibility study was carried out in January 2019, which has built a business model canvas and has provided a roadmap to the future state of the innovation centre, with suggested timeline and phases for implementation already available.

Access to a skilled workforce

Building communities that are skilled, enabled and ready to support and service our investors. Learn more about our:

Development programmes

Zone Labour Agreement

Innovation Campus

The Zone Labour Agreement

South Africa has one of the most progressive labour legislations in the world.

The Zone Labour Agreement (ZLA) will foster a fair and transparent relationship between our tenants and operators and the workers at Freeport Saldanha. Additionally, the ZLA creates a robust human resource framework, ensuring that we are able to support our investors’ human resources and skilled labour requirements.

Ultimately creating an enabling environment that promotes sustainable economic growth and job creation for the community of Saldanha Bay as well as the broader Western Cape region and South Africa.

Investor Support

Our Transaction and Investor Support Team have a strong focus on attracting international and domestic investors through investment promotion and support. 

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