Adinda Preller, Executive Transaction and

Investor Support at Saldanha Bay Industrial

Development Zone (SBIDZ), responsible for

the commercial interests of tenants and the

the SBIDZ, chatted with the NewsPortal about

plans over the next two years.

Q: Where is your focus over the next two years?

A: The primary focus is for us to be commercially self-sustainable. To do this, we need to consider several factors. One, we have commercial office offerings in the Access Complex. Two, we have our project leasing facility, and three is the revenue from land leases and facilities.

Q: Tell us a bit more about the project leasing facility

A: The attraction is that it is agile for project-based cargo, meaning clients can lease laydown area for short- or long-term periods—even weekly—and it is ready and available immediately. For example, we have provided storage space for the massive wind turbine blades in transit to renewable energy projects in the Northern and Western Cape. Given that the Government has revived the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP), we expect to see a lot of activity in the renewable energy sector and tap into that further.

Q: What are the plans for the Access Complex?

A: The Access Complex is a premium office space for commercial leasing. It allows for a “white box” design—in other words, it is fully customisable to clients’ requirements. The rental rates are market-related to commercial spaces.

White Box Design Infographic element

Q: Who are you targeting?

A: Our mission is to create an internationally recognised centre catering specifically to oil and gas, maritime fabrication, marine repair, logistics and related support services. Along with that comes lawyers, forex services, shipping agencies and ships chandlers, insurance, banks, HR placement companies, business support services, accountants and all companies that focus specifically on the work done in a port. Plus, we will eventually have a clinic on site.

The building is designed like a “terminal” to the Freeport and will house the service and auxiliary producers making use of the zone and port. Practically, it is close to the port, it is prime office space, and tenants are already moving in.

Q: And what about the land and facility leases?

A: We have a growing investor pipeline. We are very focused on the marine and energy sectors, especially the shipbuilding and repair, manufacturing and services activities. Certain factors need to be considered because it’s a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which has different touchpoints and necessary due diligence that needs to be conducted on projects.

Q: Final thoughts?

A: Over the past year, we invested in improvements into our investor journey, so we can address investor queries and lead management with clarity and speed. Investors themselves have used the past year to invest in their capacity to drive their projects forward. This is very rewarding to see, as we all push in the same direction focused on growing the economy.

Similarly, we have also invested in initial project preparation work, with Transnet’s support and endorsement, to relook at new, dedicated port infrastructure. This is exciting work, as it’s fundamental to unlocking the full value of the SBIDZ and the Transnet National Port Authority, being the only SEZ in a port with a Customs Control Area designation. It’s a game-changer for all of us involved and opens up so much latent potential for the biggest port in the southern hemisphere.

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