Invest in Saldanha

Saldanha Bay has, for a long time, been acknowledged as an important resource for the sustainable growth and development of the West Coast region. The key focus of the Freeport Saldanha programme is to see the region and the Port of Saldanha Bay as a hive of industry and logistics, where the surrounding local communities and businesses benefit from a sustainable, inclusive and robust economy. In turn, these businesses and communities can offer quality, reliable and value-for-money services and goods to customers in the port and beyond.

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Ease of Doing Business

A world-class, proactive operating model – one of the most significant benefits and a key driver for investment for Freeport Saldanha.

Our ‘Ease of Doing Business’ approach is a business model that has been designed to service our investors and to create ease of access to our world-class facility.

This highly competitive operating model underpins our proactive way of working, and benefits all our partners, across the entire value chain.

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Freeport Operations

A zone without any routine intervention by customs authorities.

Allowing duty-free and VAT-free entry of any foreign goods intended for re-export, our freeport service and customs-controlled area (CCA)* permit ensures ease of operation for your business.

The demarcation of Saldanha Bay as the first freeport in South Africa and our prime location provides us with a truly unique value proposition.



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Sector-Specific Focus

Sector-specific prioritisation for Oil, Gas and Marine Repair, an accelerated growth sector and a priority industry-of-opportunity for South Africa.

Freeport Saldanha is driven to create a world-class port to service this sector. By creating an enabling environment and an inclusive marketplace. Able to promote and deliver sustainable economic growth for all stakeholders.

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Tax and Investment Incentives

Qualify for tax and investment incentives when you become a part of our Special Economic Zone.

A suite of tax incentives is made available by the DTI to qualifying companies located within designated Special Economic Zones.

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Facilities and Services

World-class infrastructure for an attractive, competitive, investment-ready zone.

Readying The Zone for ongoing investment, we are dedicated to developing the innovative local and internal infrastructure needed to create an attractive, competitive, investment-ready zone of opportunity.

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