We are working together to shape a vibrant marketplace where local enterprises and contractors are business-ready, able to participate in and benefit from the new opportunities created by Freeport Saldanha.

We are utilising our in-depth knowledge, specialised expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the industry and investors’ requirements to build a business community that is appropriately equipped to deliver world-class services to the global maritime industry.

We are working together to shape a vibrant marketplace where local enterprises and contractors are business-ready, able to participate in and benefit from the new opportunities created by Freeport Saldanha.

Through the ongoing development of our local enterprises, we are creating an enabling environment and sustainable access to opportunity for the community of Saldanha.

Equipped with the capabilities, skills, facilities and support needed to compete, grow and thrive.

Along with our key partners, we support local enterprises through:

1) Funding

The Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism and The Department of Trade and Industry have partnered with us, and have supplied funding for the current Enterprise Development initiatives.

To date, our regular applications to support key programmes have successfully secured funds for both the Integrated Enterprise and Supplier Development Program and the assessments of 700 businesses on the Grow-Net database.

2)  Educational talks on the Oil and Gas Services (TOGASI)

This inclusive and community-focused industry initiative has been developed to educate local businesses on the industry requirements and the key focus areas of Freeport Saldanha.

The TOGASI series is an interim measure to build local knowledge. Empowering the community to take advantage of the ongoing opportunities available to them in Freeport Saldanha.

Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month to empower yourself and your business.

3) Access to Grow-Net

SMME development and the localisation of benefits are of the utmost importance for economic growth in the region. The West Coast Business Development Centre (WCBDC) has been part of the greater Saldanha Bay area for many years and has assisted a significant number of entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

Grow-Net is a tool for the WCBDC and stems from a collaborative enterprise and supplier development initiative that is supported and endorsed by the dti, DEDAT, SBM, Freeport Saldanha and various local industrial corporates.

It is an online e-portal for small to medium enterprises to access business opportunities in Saldanha Bay. The e-portal also allows major corporates to locate suppliers, post supply chain requests, and advertise development and support opportunities.

For more information, visit www.grow-net.biz.

4) SMME Businesses Readiness Assessment Initiative

This assessment tool is designed to identify local SMMEs on the Grow-Net database. It ascertains the readiness of their business to supply goods and services to the tenants and operators of Freeport Saldanha.

SMME’s are also able to use the tool to identify businesses that would benefit from and agree to support their business growth through tailored improvement and development plans.

Our current focus areas for enterprise development and growth are directed at building local business competencies in the following three tiers:

Tier 1 and 2 Companies: General maritime/logistics supplier (Direct or indirect supplier)

Companies with the following competencies:

  • Maritime (navigation, seamanship etc.)
  • Logistics (transportation of heavy structures, warehouse management, supply chain management etc.)
  • Construction and repair of ships and steel sections, etc.

The group includes supply vessel operators, stand by vessel operators, shipyards, construction yards, commercial divers, ROV operators, operators of installation vessels, etc. but also freight forwarders, port operators, terminal operators, and inland haulage providers etc.

Tier 3 Companies: General supplier and manufacturing (mostly indirect supplier)

  • Companies with more diverse competencies:
  • Areas of component manufacturing providing pumps, safety equipment, steel sections, telecommunication, paint, engines, etc.
  • These companies have traditionally been suppliers to shipyards and rig construction yards and have various specialisation capabilities.
  • Connect with our Enterprise and Supplier Development Unit

Working with our Stakeholders & Partners to deliver a brighter future for the Saldanha Bay Community: DEDAT • DTI • DSBD • SEDA • SEFA • CASIDRA • SAOGA • West Coast Business Development Centre • Corporate Procurement Forum • Local Business

5) Our SMME Business HUB and shared office space

A HUB and shared office space where our SMME partners benefit from

  • Networking opportunities,
  • Access to relevant business information and opportunities,
  • Business readiness with office space, boardroom and ITC facilities.

The SMME Business Hub is conveniently located next to Freeport Saldanha for easy access to ongoing construction activities, and provides you with everything you need to deliver and successfully run and grow your business.

Secure your space today!

Supporting, growing and ultimately increasing the quality, productivity and competitiveness of our local construction enterprises.

Our Contractor Development Unit dedicated to supporting and building the capabilities of local contractors and supplier enterprises.

Their objective is to enable them to participate as partners in current and future infrastructure projects successfully.

Current Contract Development initiatives include:

  • Local contractor development on the erection of the Freeport Saldanha fence,
  • Supervisor training for contractors,
  • Contractor development and management training support,
  • Freeport Saldanha local contractor assistance programme,
  • The SMME Business Hub