Welcome to Freeport Saldanha, the first Southern African special economic zone to include a port. We are a hub dedicated to the oil and gas industry and marine repair and fabrication cluster. Together, we are shaping a vibrant marketplace where investors, local businesses and communities can unlock economic growth.

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Investor Zone

Invest in Saldanha

Saldanha Bay has, for a long time, been acknowledged as an important resource for the sustainable growth and development of the West Coast region.

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Ease of Doing Business

Our ‘Ease of Doing Business’ approach is a business model that has been designed to service our investors and to create ease of access to our world-class facility.

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Freeport Operations

Allowing duty-free and VAT-free entry of any foreign goods intended for re-export, our freeport service and customs controlled area (CCA) permit ensures ease of operation for your business.

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