Our Skills Development Programme focuses on enabling and empowering through a collaborative approach to upskilling.

Our target is to facilitate the training of 520 community members annually!

The programme is facilitated through a civil society partnership with the Community Skills and Training Committee and in conjunction with our partners at the DTI, CHIETA and MERSETA who assist with the facilitation and funding.

Since 2013, this programme partnership has allowed Freeport Saldanha to implement almost 2 800 training programmes that benefit at least 1 300 individuals through:

  • Skills programmes
  • Learnerships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Specialised programmes

Learn more about our partnerships and collaborations:

* The Community Skills and Training Committee (CSTC) has been jointly established by the Saldanha Bay Civil Society and Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone Licencing Company SOC Ltd, trading as Freeport Saldanha, as a means to create a responsible, accountable and apolitical partnership. The committee has two representatives from each of the 14 ward committees in the Saldanha Bay municipal area.