We procure only the best value and expertise for the benefit of ourselves and our partners.

We are committed to adhering to ethical and sound procurement practices.

We are always working to improve our procurement process.

The Entities Strategy, Policy and Procedures relating to Bid Management are aligned to the National and Provincial Framework for the implementation of bid management ensuring our formalised bid process adheres to the standard, minimum level of requirements.

Submitting your Tender

What are the minimum requirements?

To qualify as a valid quote or formal tender:

 What does it mean to be actively registered on the Western Cape Supplier Evidence Bank?

  • You have a valid B-BBEE Certificate.
  • Your WCBD4 form must not have expired.

NB: All documents are valid for one year from date of issue! 

Essential questions to ask yourself if you want to quote or tender?

  • Do I understand the scope of work?
  • Do I know what documentation I must complete, and what information each document requires?

Your Tender Check List:

Have you:

  • Signed the form of offer?
  • Signed and attached all the addenda?
  • Completed all bills of quantities (if required) in the format requested by the client?
  • Included an original valid Tax Clearance Certificate in the submission?
  • Included a valid B-BBEE Certificate in the submission?
  • Submitted proof that you are actively registered on the Western Cape Supplier Evidence Bank?
  • Submitted proof that you are actively registered on the CIDB register of contractors?
  • Submitted proof of any other requirements requested in the tender data?
  • Submitted tender documents at the designated place, before closing time?

Important Points to Note:

The quotation or formal tender may require either a one-envelope or two-envelope response. ·In case of a two-envelope system, do not include your price and B-BBEE information in Envelope One.

Depending on the terms of the tender documents, the names, prices and preference status of bidders may be read out in public after closing.

What happens next?

Tenders will be advertised in the National Treasury e-Tender Portal.

The advertising period is generally for 21 days.

Official tender documents will be issued to interested contractors, suppliers or consultants.

If required, a compulsory briefing session will be held. Please ensure that you attend and sign the register of attendance.

How will I know if I am suspended?

An email and SMS will be sent to anyone that becomes suspended.