Discover Saldanha Bay. A prime tourist destination with a variety of attractions and activities, from water sports to whale watching and bird viewing or hiking and mountain biking among fynbos and wildflowers, or just shopping and dining on fresh seafood, Saldanha Bay has something for all.

Saldanha Bay Municipality consists of 7 towns including:

Saldanha Bay

South Africa’s largest and deepest natural port and modern harbour, complete with scenic beauty and abundant sea life, numerous small fishing villages, holiday resorts and seaside towns.


Sitting along the eastern bank of the Zoute creek which turns into a river in winter, Hopefield also forms part of the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve and includes the Langebaanweg Air Force Base and the West Coast Fossil Park.


Referred to as the ‘Jewel of the West Coast’, found on the eastern shore of Langebaan Lagoon. Langebaan is an internationally acclaimed Ramsar Site for its importance as a wetland. Over 300 species of birds can be found in the lagoon waters of the West Coast National Park.


Vredenburg is the transportation and commercial hub of the West Coast area and administrative centre of the Saldanha Bay Local Municipality. Home to the new West Coast Mall with dozens of shops, including restaurants and coffee shops.


A beautiful bay with a diverse landscape, from rough rocks and boulders to beautiful sandy beaches, an abundance of seafood, crayfish, fish, mussels and abalone. The village is the perfect place to relax and take in the peace of seaside living.


One of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa known for lobster and the white-washed fishermen’s cottages. Cape Columbine Nature Reserve with the well-known ‘Tietiesbaai’ offers beautiful wildflowers during August and September.

St Helena Bay

The site and monument of Vasco da Gama’s arrival in 1497 is called St Helena Bay. Also known as ‘Die Agterbaai’, this bay is one of the world’s prime fishing centres. Its calm waters give shelter to the southern right whales that come to mate and calve in the second half of the year, humpback and killer whales are also frequent visitors.

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