Freeport Saldanha is the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to be located within a port and is the only sector-specific SEZ in South Africa catering specifically to the oil and gas, maritime fabrication and repair industries and related support services.

Freeport Saldanha, under its registered company name of Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone Licencing Company SOC Ltd (SBIDZ-LC) was awarded an operator’s license on 31 October 2013, marking the formal beginning of our 30-year journey to create a vibrant hub of opportunity, job creation and sustainable growth, utilising the SEZ legislation as a catalyst.

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Our Vision for Saldanha Bay

Our vision for Saldanha Bay is to create an enabling environment that promotes sustainable economic growth and job creation.

We are working with government and key partners to enable a new urbanity through the diversification and transformation of a historically under-developed and under-supported economic sector and community. Ushering-in a body of new social possibilities for the people of Saldanha Bay.

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Our Values

We are driven to do everything necessary to achieve our vision and motivated to go the extra mile, with a clear and unwavering focus on our core values.

We know where we have come from and where we are heading. We dedicate ourselves to creating the conditions for our collective success. We achieve what is possible and overcome what others see as impossible

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Responsible corporate citizenship and sound governance practices are paramount to our collective success.

Our practices reflect national and international best practices. They are regularly reviewed and adapted to accommodate new developments and stakeholder requirements.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team at Freeport Saldanha – a team that is driven to guide every phase and ensure the industrial development zone’s successful development.

This team includes industry experts that are representative of the broader Saldanha Bay community, as well as our founding partners from the three spheres of government – Saldanha Bay Municipality, Provincial Government and National Government.

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