Freeport Saldanha’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) philosophy is to provide investors and service providers with proactive solutions that are customer-centric.

The EODB Centre is a co-working space located within the Access and Security Complex at Freeport Saldanha. The space has been designed to extend the services already offered by the EODB Unit by co-locating various government officials and private service providers in the building so that investors can consult with them by appointment.

The EODB Centre offers the following services:

  • Advisory services that supply the detailed, in-depth knowledge across several requirements (e.g., registration, licenses, permits, inspections) that businesses need to successfully start and maintain their operations.
  • Co-located services that provide a single location to access government services. The services are not integrated – they are delivered by different people working for different government departments, agencies or ministries and using different systems.
  • Client-centric services that offer a personalised service based on the investor’s business’s life cycle (business setup and continued operations). These services address all formalities required to operate in the sectors we service, which includes the oil and gas, maritime, energy, logistics and engineering industries.

Red Tape Reduction

The EODB Centre is synonymous with the termred tape reduction. This is because we make it easier for investors to do business with us by lessening bureaucracy and simplifying procedures and services. We help investors understand the policy fundamentals to make the appropriate interventions with regards to applications, licensing and permits, which are necessary for investing in project start-ups and business continuation.


EODB Stakeholders

The EODB Unit has, over the years, established good and lasting relationships with key government stakeholders who contribute to the EODB offering.

It is through these relationships that our investors can have access to superior knowledge, updated information on legislation and advocacy for their projects.

The EODB Unit acts on behalf of the investors to find systemic and innovative solutions. It also continually identifies key stakeholders necessary for red tape reduction and who have expert knowledge, thus making the EODB Centre a well-networked centre of excellence.

Panel of Professional Service Providers

The EODB Centre has enlisted independent private consultants who offer services that are complementary to the legislative requirements and advisory services from the public sector officials to provide additional bespoke assistance with licensing, permits and application processes. These include tax consultants, legal consultants, immigration service consultants, transport consultants and labour law consultants.

Consultants who wish to form part of the panel can do so by completing this form.